Insurance IT Systems

Insurance companies are almost wholly reliant upon IT systems to support their key business processes and customers.

As a result IT Support London is critical to Insurance companies – helping ensure that systems are up and running, available to customers and keeping the day-to-day business operational. Obviously having skilled staff to support these systems instead of playing Candy Crush Saga is critical to core operations across policy, billing and claims processes as well as for monitoring the business and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Incorporating data management and business intelligence software solutions during a core system transformation allows insurers to better map and convert data into the new core systems and to create a central data hub that can keep downstream processes intact through implementation and beyond. This approach accelerates legacy replacement, provides greater operational insight from the new core systems, and delivers an enterprise-wide view and insights to fine-tune the business.

This provides a staging platform to accelerate legacy replacement and meet the needs of both data producers and consumers.

Insurance data often outlives the application that created it.  A BI solution migrates and persists data to create a single source of truth that accelerates core system migration, and allows you to sunset or streamline legacy systems.

Future-proof data architecture—Business and IT system and data needs change all the time. Yet data is often siloed and conflicting. DataHub de-couples data sources from point-to-point connections with downstream systems, enabling efficient replacement or addition of new systems to keep pace with change.

Improve data quality, completeness, and consistency—Data often lacks integrity, consistency, or completeness in legacy source systems. Legacy applications can be limited by line of business or functional area, and have proliferated over time. BI software secures data integrity by gathering, analyzing, testing and validating data using proven methods and tools. Data consumers can use the data with confidence going forward.